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Asylum seekers or migrants who plan on living in Germany will be geared up for their stay.
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You can join our integration courses: if you speak little or no German and want to stay in Germany. In this case, you are required to attend an integration course; you are an asylum seeker, have a residence permit and are a citizen of one of the following countries of origin: Iran, Iraq, Syria oder Eritrea; if you have received a residence permit for Germany after January 1, 2005; if you have been living in Germany for a while and want to improve your German language skills.
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Integration courses

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Please note:
This offer is only applicable if you are already in Germany and if you have a permission from the German Aliens Registration Office.

What happens next?
For taking part on the integration course you need permission from the German Aliens Registration Office. If you don‘t have this permission, we support you with your application. In addition, you can apply for a partial payment of your travel expenses.

Language Course (600 lessons)
In this course you will acquire terms and words you need in everyday life, e.g.:

  • shopping
  • public authorities
  • house hunting
  • and other common situations.
  • how to write a German letter
  • fill in forms and find and apply for a job in Germany. 

Orientation Course (60 lessons)
You will obtain important information concerning your life in Germany, e.g.:

  • politics
  • culture and history
  • as well as traditions
  • regulations and civil liberties
  • the core values of our democratic system e.g. the freedom of expression and religion, equal rights and electoral freedom.

Completion of the Course
At the end of the integration course you will have to pass two tests:

  • The language test level B1
  • The test about “Life in Germany”

After completion you will receive the certificate “Integration Course”, which you can use as part of your job application.

In addition, you can start your job training with this certificate or attend further educational programs.

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